Disputes, Litigation and Arbitration

Disputes, Litigation & Arbitration is strong point of our firm. Combination of the fighting spirit and precise approach to the evidence make us challenging opponent. We have succeeded many times in confrontation with bigger, stronger, more-renowned (and more expensive) law firms.

Because of the maritime, transport and insurance law being leading specialisation of our practice, most of the disputes we are handling are these of international character which often involves several jurisdictions or legal systems. No wonder, each dispute of this type requires individual approach and knowledge of principles of foreign legal systems.

This is important to know that Polish courts sometimes do not understand differences between Polish and non-Polish legal institutions which may lead to wrong interpretation of law. Another thing are specific Polish court procedures which, if applied in the wrong way, may extensively lenghten whole dispute.

If possible, we try to lead to amicable settlement of the dispute on reliable conditions.

Thorough the years we have succesfully represented our Clients in numerous cases comprising not only maritime, transport and insurance law but also torts & personal injuries , civil and commercial law and more.