Torts and personal injuries

Basic group of our Clients seeking compensation for their personal injuries are seafarers and this is what we really are specialised at – as one of the few law firms in Poland.

However, our practice is not limited only to compensations for accidents at work at sea. We are also involved in motor accidents, accidents at work in factories and construction sites, sporting accidents etc.

Polish practice shows that insurance companies tend not to take seriously claimants who act without assistance of a lawyer – they either offer small money, request the claimant to present a lot of evidence or just wait for a claimant to give up.

We represent both claimants and insurance companies but no matter who we represent we always act with respect and empathy for human suffering. Working for „both sides of the barricade” helps us to have professional, objective approach and knowledge as to both parties’ expectations.

We strictly avoid conflicts of interests between claimants and insurers.