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The Office

The Office was established in Gdynia, Poland by the attorney-at-law Mr. Bartosz Biechowski.

Maritime, transport and insurance law are leading specialisations of our practice.

Our Clients are shipowners, freight forwarders, agencies, shipyards, insurance companies and law offices from Poland and abroad.

We are also efficient litigators & negotiators helping our Clients to secure their interests when dispute seems to be inevitable.
We also have broad experience in the fields of torts & personal injuries and  civil and commercial law.

Our practice in the international business environment helped us to get acquainted with the risks and problems foreign companies wishing to do business or to invest in Poland are faced with. Therefore, the principal goals of our practice are: to safeguard clients’ interests and to help them to avoid unnecessary risk and conflicts. All this may be obtained for reasonable price and within tight schedules as we focus on building long-time relationships with the clients.

We are available from 8 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday. Upon special request, meetings with clients may also be arranged at another hours and on another days. For additional information please contact here. On weekdays you will receive reply within 24 hours.